Folk Tales of the Tribes of Africa – Eatha Kitt

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Eartha Kitt Folk Tales of the Tribes of Africa
Eartha Kitt Folk Tales of the Tribes of Africa

Eartha Kitt, Folk Tales of the Tribes of Africa, Caedmon TC 1267, 1968.

Once while playing Scattergories, I used Eartha Kitt and no one else at the table knew who she was (other than my wife, of course). And I wasn’t even the oldest one at the table by a long shot. What a shame.

This record was a library record, and it was checked it once. It has some surface noise, but not bad at all. I’ve got it on eBay for $17.99.


We Came in Peace for All Mankind – Yeah Right!


We Came In Peace For All Mankind: A Recorded History of Space Exploration and the Triumph of the Lunar Landing. Decca DL 79172, 1970? Cool cover.

The moon landing was in July 1969 about the time my wife was born.

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All in the Family LP from the TV Show

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All in the Family, Atlantic SD 7210, 1971.

The Best of Phyllis Diller

PhyllisDiller (1)
PhyllisDiller (2)

Phyllis Diller, The Best of Phyllis Diller. Verve V-15053, 1960.

I love Phyllis Diller. Like Jo Anne Worley, John Candy, and Dom Deluis, just hearing their voices can make me smile. When Phyllis laughs, I can’t help but laugh. Check out this little bit below.

Walt Disney’s Treasury of Dog Stories

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Walt Disney’s Treasury of Dog Stories including The Incredible Journey plus Sam Savage, Big Red, Old Yeller, Greyfriars Bobby, and Nikki. Disneyland Records, 1964. This is a box-set with 3 albums. According to Discogs, this was only available through Friskies dog food! It must be rare! And those dog lovers out there want one! And the Disney collectors! I’m rich! It never seems to work out that way though. I should at least take a better picture that’s not all yellow.

Boris Karloff Narrates Legend of Sleepy Hollow etc.

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Karloff (3) (Large)

Boris Karloff Narrates The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle. Mr. Pickwick SPC-5156. 1977. “The full stories with music and scary sound effects.” Both are Washington Irving stories. Wait a minute! The backside says Boris Karloff Narrates Tales of Mystery and Imagination. Here’s Rip Van Winkle free from