Spacious Skies and Waving Grass – A Kansas Centennial Album


Kansas Centnial Folk Music

Kansas Centenial Folk Music

The Blue Notes (or Bluenotes), Spacious Skies and Waving Grass, the Official Kansas Centennial Folk Song Album. Design/Art for Living, 1961.

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Saints Alive – Streams of Living Water


Saints Alive, Steams of Living Water, LTD Productions, 4002, 1970s.

Another cool homemade cover for a Kansas Christian band, just like my last post. Look closely around the “Jesus” and you can see lots of little scenes going on. This cover is by Bill Thielker from KC, MO. He might be a graphic designer that’s on LinkedIn in Colorado, and he may be the one that edited this book: 33 Days of Stewardship Discovery Guide (Expiriencing the Reality of True Ministry, Finding and Fullfilling Your Role As A Steward of Gods Riches).

These fellows are from Emporia, KS, where I went to college. I wasn’t able to contact anyone here, but I did find out that Ned Ashbaugh on drums was in a few rock bands in the Kansas City area.

The Son Messengers – This is the Dawning



The Son Messengers, This is the Dawning, Pinebrook PB 1540, 1970s.

The Son Messengers were located in El Dorado (pronounced el dore-RAY-doe), KS. My mom lived there for a time, and so did on of my sisters with her kids.

Since I’m from Kansas, I decided to try and contact anyone from the group for some background. The family was involved with Gospel music for several years. I did manage to locate Lynn McBride, and he is currently working with a prison ministry. Very, very, good work for a Christian to be involved with. Here’s his response to my request for any information:

Thanks for your interest.

That album was made over 30 years ago and about the worst project we have ever done.

Since then, the group is not performing, as my wife and I are around 70 years old.

We later recorded several other projects and for a time I traveled with the Calvary Echoes Quartet.

At the time of that recording, we were traveling with the Christian Motorcyclists Association and it was produced at Bill Gaither’s studio in Anderson Indiana. We lived in El Dorado, Kansas.

So, to answer your question, whatever you think best. We do not have any copies or upgraded cd’s.

Lynn McBride

Well, he isn’t too impressed with the music, but the cover is just fantastic. Thanks Mr. McBride!

Great Plains Businesses use Leather Belt Buckles

Belt Buckles
Belt Buckles 027

Clinton and Elk City are in Oklahoma and the white leather buckle is for Production Credit Association whatever that is. Wikipedia:

Production Credit Association

A Production Credit Association (PCA) delivered short- and intermediate-term loans to farmers and ranchers, and to rural residents for housing. A PCA also made loans to these borrowers for basic processing and marketing activities, and to farm-related businesses. A PCA obtained funds from an FCS bank to lend to its members. PCAs own their loan assets.

They were created under the Farm Credit Act of 1933. All present-day PCAs are now subsidiaries of ACAs.

They also spent government funds on advertising belt buckles!

The brown leather buckle is for the Wichita Livestock Market which is of course in the great state of Kansas. And I know what a livestock market is.

City Map of Wichita KS 1969 or so

Wichita Map (1)
Wichita Map (2)
Wichita Map (3)

Map of Metropolitan Wichita, Kansas. Compliments of Kansas State Bank and Trust Company. Pictured on the first pic is Century II, an expo hall built in 1969, where I was just at a conference last week. The second pic has the public library, built in 1967, on the left (I was just there also, it’s right next to Century II), also pictured are the KSB Motor Bank and the Regal Inn.