Spacious Skies and Waving Grass – A Kansas Centennial Album


Kansas Centnial Folk Music

Kansas Centenial Folk Music

The Blue Notes (or Bluenotes), Spacious Skies and Waving Grass, the Official Kansas Centennial Folk Song Album. Design/Art for Living, 1961.

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Folk Jamboree

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Folk Jamboree Cover

Folk Jamboree, Columbia Special Products CSP-205, 1964? From Philco, a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. Village Stompers, Johnny Cash, New Christy Minstrels, Bob Dylan, Les & Larry Elgart, Flatt & Scruggs, Clancy Brothers featuring Tommy Makem, Pete Seeger, The Brothers Four, and Banjo Barons.

Similar to the All-Star Hootenanny from Zenith that I posted last September. Some of the same artists.

Zenith Presents All Star Hootenanny with Bob Dylan

Hootenanny (1)
Hootenanny (2)

All Star Hootenanny, Columbia Special Products, CSP 149, 1962. Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan (As Bobby Dylan), Orriel Smith, The Clancy Brothers with Thomas Makem. “Zenith presents a collector’s item in thrilling stereo!”

This album is the reason I bought two boxes of records at an auction a few weeks ago. It’s a very early Bob Dylan: “Bob Dylan is a fast-rising young man who has crossed and re-crossed the country, learning songs and writing them himself. Possessor of a compelling vocal style, Bob is heard to especial advantage on Freight Train Blues, Pretty Peggy-O and Corrina, Corrina.” Has anyone heard of him being called “Bobby” before?

Something about Pete Seeger bugs me. He’s too earnest or something. And “Where have all the Flowers Gone?” makes me want to gag. It has since I was about 8 years old. What? Generation X, cynical? What makes you say that?

Orriel Smith sounds like Joan Baez, not my favorite singing style. I prefer a less affected, more natural style of folk.

The Clancy Brothers are Irish and sing Irish folk songs. I like that a lot.

I’m usually suspicious of anything that says “Collectors Item” on it, but this one pretty much is, if eBay is any kind of clue.

Doc Watson American Musical Genius Dead at 89

Doc Watson has died after a falling ill a few days ago. I’ve been a big fan of Watson since discovering him about 10 years ago. You can see my posts of his album covers if you go here and scroll down past the album list.

Doc Watson was true folk music, not that Peter Paul and Mary crap, or that Bob-Dylan/New-York faux folk. Here’s Doc with Earl Scruggs who also is recently passed. The bottom video is with Jack Lawrence. Go check out Spotify, Rhapsody, YouTube, or where ever you get your music and listen to some Doc Watson.

Tip Top Album of Carson Robison Songs Songbook

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CarsonRobison (1) (Large)
CarsonRobison (2) (Large)
CarsonRobison (3) (Large)
CarsonRobison (4) (Large)

Tip Top Album of Carson Robison Songs, Together with Hill Country Ballads and Old Time Songs. 50 Complete Songs with Words and Music. Compiled by Joe Davis. 1936. Songs made famous by Carson J. Robison, his one time partner Vernon Dalhart, and others. Including everyone’s favorite, Hallelujah, I’m a Bum.

Fame is fickle. Carson Robison was once one of the top Country Western stars, even into the 1950s, yet very few people know who he is today. In the song Hillbilly Heaven by Tex Ritter, Robison is one of the first three mentioned and in the same breath as Jimmie Rogers. He could wistle two tunes at once. No one else has figured out how he did it.

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