Wayne King in Hi Fi

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40 dollar 016 (Large)

Wayne King and his Orchestra, Wayne King in Hi Fi, Decca DL 8751, 1950s. A rather cool cover. Sorry, I usually take a picture of the back also but didn’t get it done with this one. This is one of about 500 albums I just bought for $40.

Billy Vaughn Picture Sleeve?

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Billy Vaughn 45 Picture Sleeve
Billy Vaughn 45 Picture Sleeve

Billy Vaughn Orchestra, “Skater’s Waltz” b/w “Beg Your Pardon” Dot 16064, 1959. Not often you find a picture sleeve of someone like Billy Vaughn. The 45s usually just have the generic company sleeves. I’ve got this and 7 other Vaughn 45s on eBay.

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I love my Organ!


Organ music used to be pretty popular.

Lawrence Welk presents Bob Ralston, I Left My Heart in San Francisco, Ranwood Records R8064, 1969.

Dick Leibert, Hits to Keep Forever, RCA Victor LAP-2910 (it says 1964 on the back, but this has orange label on the record so I think it’s a 1970s pressing). The bottom right corner is cut.

Jesse Crawford, 12 All Time Waltz Favorites, International Award Series (Pickwick), AK 278, 1959 (but possibly a later pressing also as it’s not a heavy record)

All three have the cellophane still on them. Spines are all great, the records look great, so I’m fairly confident with a VG+ rating other than the one with the corner cut, depending on how you would rate that. And, they are on eBay right now!

Spring into Action! – The Sound of the Sixties! Liberty Records


“Spring into Action!” – The Sound of the ‘Sixties, Liberty Record sales corporation, 1959/1960.

A nice collection, but very different from what I associated with Liberty as a kid. Something like my parents copy of Teensville is what I was expecting.

This album has Julie London, musical comedian Spike Jones, guitarist Al Viola, bongo wizard Jack Costanzo, Felix Slatkin’s Fantastic Brass, Gene McDaniels, and Harry Sukman doing some classical Liszt. We sometimes forget that this music was on the radio and was a big part of the sixties. Not everyone was a hippie, or even into rock n roll exclusively.

“To the Record Librarian…” Hey! That’s me! This was a give-away to record stations to entice them to purchase the albums.

Bon Voyage! Continental Souvenirs – Percy Faith


Percy Faith and his Orchestra, Bon Voyage! Continental Souvenirs. Columbia CL 1417. 1960. Pretty girl on the front, neat art work on the back. How can you go wrong? Percy’s music is piano/easy listening/lounge stuff.