Modern Square Dances with some Cheesecake


Earl Bateman, Modern Square Dances with calls by Earl Bateman. Smokey Warren’s Square Dancers. This is a still sealed copy I got from a closed electronics store. I just like the cover.

Buck Owens in The Country Music Who’s Who 1966 Edition

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Buck Owens
Buck Owens Fan Club

Buck Owens America’s Number 1 Country Artist in 1965, and then you can join the Buck Owens Fan Club! My next post will be more about Fan Clubs.

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Hank Williams Jr. without a beard – 1966

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Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Williams, Jr. in 1966, from The Country Music Who’s Who, 1966 edition. Most of the book seems to be advertising for various artists, booking agencies, talent agents, and musical equipment. Most of the pages look similar to this pattern. I’ve scanned some interesting pictures from this book. Watch for more in the coming weeks.

Country Moog?


Country Moog: Switched on Nashville, Gil Trythall, Athena 6003, 1972.

Sorry about the picture quality, this is my cousin’s record and all I had was my iPad. It’s not for sale, or it would be at my house right now. This is just so incongruous it’s marvelous.

Little Jimmy Dickens Sings Out Behind The Barn



Little Jimmy Dickens, Sings Out Behind the Barn, Columbia CSRP 8687, 1962. One of the classic stars of country music that has been mostly forgotten. Too bad. He’s most famous for “May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose.” This is a new, unopened copy of the album.

Here’s a vid of “Out Behind the Barn” which includes many things you’d find happening out behind a barn.