Barnabas – Approaching Light Speed

Barnabas (1)
Barnabas (2)
Barnabas (3)

Barnabas, Approaching Light Speed, Light Records, LS 2859, 1983.

Cover art by Kernie Erickson, who grew up down the block from my mother. His dad (named Knux Erickson) and my Grandfather (Roy Childs) grew up in the same area around Buffalo, KS, and were in the same division in WWII, the 35th Infantry Division. Granddad was in an infantry company, Knux was in communications. Later, they lived one block from each other in Wichita, KS, from the 1950s until Knux died a few years ago. My grandparents are still in the same house. Kernie now lives in California and does retro-styled surfer paintings.

Barnabas was a Christian hard rock/ heavy metal band.

The one dude with all the hair looks a lot like one of the guys in Boston.

Margaret Becker – Never for Nothing 1987

Becker (1)
Becker (2)

Margaret Becker, Never for Nothing, Sparrow Records, 1987. We love Margaret Becker around our house. And I love the artsy back cover. Very nice, especially for a Christian album of this era.

This one is from an “unplugged” type video called Front Row.

Elvis Presely – You’ll Never Walk Alone – Unless You’re Wearing That!

Elvis (1)
Elvis (2)

Elvis Presley, You’ll Never Walk Alone, RCA-Camden, CAL-2472, 1971. Mono.

I didn’t expect this to be a Gospel album with “Vegas Elvis” on the cover and no wording other than Elvis. I put this on and was listening to it after picking it up recently, and was surprised that I could sing along. Not just that I knew the songs, but I knew these versions of the songs, note for note. Then it flashed in my brain, right behind the ol’ eyeballs I saw it, my parents used to have this on 8-track!

Marcy! Happy Little Children!


044 (Medium)
045 (Medium)

Marcy, Happy Little Children, Singcord Zondervan ZLP-960, 1976. Got a few more I’ll be posting.

A lot of people are seriously freaked out by Marcy. Just do a quick web search and you’ll find some pretty nasty commentary. Most of those people are probably freaked out by Barney the dinosour and Blue’s Clues. Well, those actually freak me out.

Marcy never bothered me, but my Grandmother had a few of her albums and my Grandmother’s was always a safe place. I seem to remember I liked Marcy when I was really little, but my sister liked her a lot longer after I’d “grown up” and was listening to The Aristocats and Lady and the Tramp soundtracks. I’m not sure how I got these albums, they might be the same ones my Grandmother had.

The best site I found in my 5 minutes of research is, there was one other that had a pretty good discography, but it was so negative I won’t link to it.

A sample. Now remember, this is for kids, and I gag at most kids stuff today too.

Saints Alive – Streams of Living Water


Saints Alive, Steams of Living Water, LTD Productions, 4002, 1970s.

Another cool homemade cover for a Kansas Christian band, just like my last post. Look closely around the “Jesus” and you can see lots of little scenes going on. This cover is by Bill Thielker from KC, MO. He might be a graphic designer that’s on LinkedIn in Colorado, and he may be the one that edited this book: 33 Days of Stewardship Discovery Guide (Expiriencing the Reality of True Ministry, Finding and Fullfilling Your Role As A Steward of Gods Riches).

These fellows are from Emporia, KS, where I went to college. I wasn’t able to contact anyone here, but I did find out that Ned Ashbaugh on drums was in a few rock bands in the Kansas City area.