Modern Square Dances with some Cheesecake


Earl Bateman, Modern Square Dances with calls by Earl Bateman. Smokey Warren’s Square Dancers. This is a still sealed copy I got from a closed electronics store. I just like the cover.

Excercise to Records!


30 days to thinner thighs

Top album is 30 Days to Thin Thighs, Hips and Bottom, Spot Aerobics, Upstart, 1983.

Then there is the insert for a Jazzercise record.

The next is actually a cassette version that I don’t have the cassette for. Energize with Exercise! Darrell Sisters Studio Arts Dance Center.

My mom actually did some of these.

Cheryl Ladd in Dynamite Magazine!

Magazines, Television

Cheryl Ladd in Dynamite Magazine, June 1978, Volume 1 No 12. She was my favorite Angel.

Esquire Cartoons and A Glorious Pool


The Pocket Book of Esquire Cartoons, Cardinal Books, C-331. 1940s.

The Glorious Pool by Thorne Smith. Pocket Book no. 153,950,919. 1950s.

James Bond(ish) Records

Movies, Music, Television

The “Sleepwalk” Guitars of Dan and Dale, Theme from Thunderball, Diplomat DS 2616, 1965. I like how it makes clear THIS IS NOT A SOUNDTRACK.


The Jazz All-Stars, Thunderball, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. & Other Secret Agent Themes, Design Records, SDLP-206, 1966. The blonde looks like the guy from Man From U.N.C.L.E.

I think these are both unopened, part of the set I bought at the closed out electronics store. Of course if the mood strikes, I’ll open them and listen to them! That’s what records are for! Speaking of records, you should check out The House of Black Wax, he’s running an alternative list to the Rolling Stone Magazine Greatest 500 Albums that includes lots of great stuff!

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Cheesecake Cover – Dance Party Time – The Electric Firebirds


The Electric Firebirds, Dance Party Time, Crown CST 618, late 1960s.

Probably a studio session players group, but it’s pretty fun to listen to. I’ve got this document.write(‘on eBay right now!‘);on eBay right now! You can also buy the MP3 files from Amazon:Dance Party Time, give the samples a listen!