Chevy puts the Purr in Performance!

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1957 Chevy Ad

I found this in some magazines that were getting thrown out. I opened one up and it fell on this 1957 Chevy ad that I’d not seen before so I cut it out. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get more. I’d sell this for $5. This magazine was called Holiday.


Great Plains Businesses use Leather Belt Buckles

Belt Buckles
Belt Buckles 027

Clinton and Elk City are in Oklahoma and the white leather buckle is for Production Credit Association whatever that is. Wikipedia:

Production Credit Association

A Production Credit Association (PCA) delivered short- and intermediate-term loans to farmers and ranchers, and to rural residents for housing. A PCA also made loans to these borrowers for basic processing and marketing activities, and to farm-related businesses. A PCA obtained funds from an FCS bank to lend to its members. PCAs own their loan assets.

They were created under the Farm Credit Act of 1933. All present-day PCAs are now subsidiaries of ACAs.

They also spent government funds on advertising belt buckles!

The brown leather buckle is for the Wichita Livestock Market which is of course in the great state of Kansas. And I know what a livestock market is.

Uno (the Card Game) Belt Buckle

Belt Buckles, Games
Belt Buckles 003

One of my favorite card games. Uno belt buckle probably from 1980. “Uno – Let’s Play Games” is the slogan. Unfortunately I just had all my belt buckles in a box and so several have scuffs and scratches now. You can see two pretty visible ones on this buckle. I’m pretty sure there’s a way to cover that, but I haven’t messed with metal in a long time.

1970s Beer Belt-Buckles

Belt Buckles
Olympia and Busch Belt Buckles 001

Olympia Beer and Busch Beer belt buckles. Here’s a throwback. Remember when everyone wore belts that could change the buckle? I have about 100 belt buckles. Ridiculous, I know. I don’t have any belts this thick anymore. I had forgotten that I had so many till I was getting out all my pop bottles and found them under some bottles. One of my kids laid them all out and I was surprised at how many there were. I’ll be posting some of the interesting ones here.

Pall Mall Cigarette Atlas

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Pall Mall Atlas (1) (Large)
Pall Mall Atlas (2) (Large)
PallMallMap (1)
PallMallMap (2)

Pall Mall Cigarettes/Rand McNally road atlas for the United States and southern Canada. This is some kind of advertising for gas stations I guess suggesting that they use outdoor cigarette machines. Outdoor machines are not used now because kids can buy from them with no ID check, but they used to be everywhere. No date on the atlas, but the info on the “new” interstate system is interesting. The system was proposed in 1956, but not much was built for several years after.