Thief Soundtrack – Tangerine Dream

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Tangarine Dream Thief Soundtrack
Tangarine Dream Thief Soundtrack

Thief Soundtrack, Tangerine Dream, Electra 5E-521, 1981. Synth heavy early ’80s production. The movie stars James Caan. Here’s my short review: Pretty cool and slick Michael Mann picture about a high-end thief who wants to have a normal suburban life, but gets involved with the mob. They don’t want him to quit and hurt people to convince him to stay. James Caan as the thief is very good at playing him as a total jerk. The guy is pretty unlikable, really. However, you have sympathy for him as he’s trying to overcome his past. BTW, is “slick Michael Mann” redundant?

I found this record at a garage sale where they’d left it out overnight and we had a heavy dew. This and one other album (CCR Chronicles) covers were pretty wet, but the vinyl was in tip-top shape and they were only a quarter so I bought them.

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More CD Box Stuff – The Blues

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I posted a CD box of The Joshua Tree a few days ago, well, here’s some pictures I cut off the box from some blues CDs I bought back in the ’80s.

John Lee Hooker.

Muddy Waters.

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Movie Novelizations and other Movie Tie-ins.

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Bus Stop, by William Inge, who’s from my hometown of Independence, KS. He also wrote Picnic, Splendor in the Grass, The Dark at the Top of the Stairs, and Come Back, Little Sheba. He, along with Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller, mostly wrote overly dramatic, depressing stories involving sexual repression. This one is actually the play (or screenplay) not a novel. Bantam 1518, 1956. Cover photo by Milton Greene.


The Misfits by Arthur Miller. Dell F115, 1961. Arthur Miller wrote Death of a Salesman and The Crucible. He was also married to Marilyn Monroe, lucky slob.


Batman, novelization by Craig Shaw Gardner from the screenplay by Samm Hamm and Warren Skaaren, from the story by Sam Hamm, from the character created by Bob Kane. Whew. Warner books, 1989.


The Ugly American by William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick. Crest book d365, 1958. This was a book before a movie or play, so technically it isn’t a novelization, but a movieization. No indication who the cover artist is.


Murder by Death, novel by H. R. F. Keating based on the screenplay by Neil Simon. Star books, 1976. Autographed by Neil Simon! Neil Simon wrote The Odd Couple, Barefoot in the Park, The Goodbye Girl, The Sunshine Boys, Biloxi Blues, Max Dugan Returns, Seems Like Old Times, The Cheap Detective, The Prisoner of Second Avenue, and a few other things you may recognize. Keating has written quite a bit of crime fiction.

These are sold to RuperPupkinSpeaks, so see the links below to purchase the books or movies from Amazon.

Barnabas – Approaching Light Speed

Barnabas (1)
Barnabas (2)
Barnabas (3)

Barnabas, Approaching Light Speed, Light Records, LS 2859, 1983.

Cover art by Kernie Erickson, who grew up down the block from my mother. His dad (named Knux Erickson) and my Grandfather (Roy Childs) grew up in the same area around Buffalo, KS, and were in the same division in WWII, the 35th Infantry Division. Granddad was in an infantry company, Knux was in communications. Later, they lived one block from each other in Wichita, KS, from the 1950s until Knux died a few years ago. My grandparents are still in the same house. Kernie now lives in California and does retro-styled surfer paintings.

Barnabas was a Christian hard rock/ heavy metal band.

The one dude with all the hair looks a lot like one of the guys in Boston.

Margaret Becker – Never for Nothing 1987

Becker (1)
Becker (2)

Margaret Becker, Never for Nothing, Sparrow Records, 1987. We love Margaret Becker around our house. And I love the artsy back cover. Very nice, especially for a Christian album of this era.

This one is from an “unplugged” type video called Front Row.

Translator – Evening of the Harvest

035 (Medium)
036 (Medium)
037 (Medium)
038 (Medium)

Translator, Evening of the Harvest. 415 Records 40296, 1986. A lesser known band from the 1980s but with a pretty devoted following. I like it, but it never grabbed me as “great.” I’d sell it for $6.00 shipping included.