Spacious Skies and Waving Grass – A Kansas Centennial Album


Kansas Centnial Folk Music

Kansas Centenial Folk Music

The Blue Notes (or Bluenotes), Spacious Skies and Waving Grass, the Official Kansas Centennial Folk Song Album. Design/Art for Living, 1961.

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Folk Tales of the Tribes of Africa – Eatha Kitt

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Eartha Kitt Folk Tales of the Tribes of Africa
Eartha Kitt Folk Tales of the Tribes of Africa

Eartha Kitt, Folk Tales of the Tribes of Africa, Caedmon TC 1267, 1968.

Once while playing Scattergories, I used Eartha Kitt and no one else at the table knew who she was (other than my wife, of course). And I wasn’t even the oldest one at the table by a long shot. What a shame.

This record was a library record, and it was checked it once. It has some surface noise, but not bad at all. I’ve got it on eBay for $17.99.

The Ampeg Sound 1966 Ad

Ampeg Advertisement

Here’s an Ampeg amplifiers advertisement from the Country Music Who’s Who – 1966. Dig that wild font! Looks more like something from San Francisco of the time than Nashville.

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Buck Owens in The Country Music Who’s Who 1966 Edition

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Buck Owens
Buck Owens Fan Club

Buck Owens America’s Number 1 Country Artist in 1965, and then you can join the Buck Owens Fan Club! My next post will be more about Fan Clubs.

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Hank Williams Jr. without a beard – 1966

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Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Williams, Jr. in 1966, from The Country Music Who’s Who, 1966 edition. Most of the book seems to be advertising for various artists, booking agencies, talent agents, and musical equipment. Most of the pages look similar to this pattern. I’ve scanned some interesting pictures from this book. Watch for more in the coming weeks.