Wayne King in Hi Fi

K, Music
40 dollar 016 (Large)

Wayne King and his Orchestra, Wayne King in Hi Fi, Decca DL 8751, 1950s. A rather cool cover. Sorry, I usually take a picture of the back also but didn’t get it done with this one. This is one of about 500 albums I just bought for $40.

Chevy puts the Purr in Performance!

Automobilia, Ephemera
1957 Chevy Ad

I found this in some magazines that were getting thrown out. I opened one up and it fell on this 1957 Chevy ad that I’d not seen before so I cut it out. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get more. I’d sell this for $5. This magazine was called Holiday.

Ray Martin Pop Goes the Swingin’ Marchin’ Band

M, Music
Ray Martin Pop Goes the Swingin' Marching Band(Large)

Ray Martin, Pop Goes the Swingin’ Marchin’ Band, RCA-Victor LPM-1771, 1958. Songs are
Rock Around The Clock
Sail Along Silv’ry Moon
Cheer Leader Cha Cha
Lullaby Of Birdland
Witch Doctor
The Mexican Hat Dance March
Begin The Beguine
Who’s Sorry Now
April Love
Rock And Roll March
The Swingin’ Shepherd Blues March

I don’t know if this was a novelty then, taking pop songs and putting them to a marching band, but it’s what every high school marching band does now.

I’d sell this for $3 plus $4 shipping. I hate that I have to charge for shipping, but there’s no way around it.

Home Recording Discs at 78 RPM


These are two home recording discs from my grandparents. One is a message from Grandma to Grandpa from 1955 and the other is a recording of Mrs. E. M. Clark, old time fiddler from 1942. The Voice-O-Graph is 6 inches, a little smaller than a 45. The Howard is 10 inches, normal 78 size. The small one is no good, you can’t hear anything but noise out of it. The other is OK on one side, but the other side is all pitted.

I thought these were kinda cool, as they predate cassette tapes by 30 years.

Pulp Covers


The End of My Life by Vance Bourjaily. Bantam 1047.

A Tree of Night and Other Stories by Truman Capote. Signet 878.

The Bruiser by Jim Tully. Bantam 67.

Moscow by Theodor Plievier. Ace D-1974.

The Chipmunk Song by The Three Happy Crickets? And Other Craziness from Cricket Records


This cracks me up. The Three Happy Crickets sing The Chipmunk Song and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Cricket Records CX18, 1958. And the Three Happy Crickets look like alien crickets. The cover is made for 45s, but this is a seven inch 78 rpm, the size of a 45. Kind of late for a 78, but there were still some being produced. Cricket records was a subdivision of Pickwick. I’m not sure what “Bonus Play” means, there’s one song on each side!

Then we have Frosty the Snowman and Little Christmas Stocking sung by The Cricketones, Cricket CX8, late 1950s. 78 rpm.

Then The St. Margaret’s All Boys Choir with Jingle Bells and It Came Upon A Midnight Clear. Cricket CX10, also late 1950s. However the actual record says that Jingle Bells is done by Santa’s Friends, and It Came Upon A Midnight Clear is done by The Christmas Caroleers. It’s a 45, not a 78.

Finally, all three have the same back.

Below is a YouTube vids of the first two songs and some others from the Cricket label. Not that I recommend it. Have a merry Christmas and/or happy holiday of your choice. We celebrate the birth of the Christ child around here, but whatever your persuasion, I wish you the best this season can bring!