City Map of Wichita KS 1969 or so

Wichita Map (1)
Wichita Map (2)
Wichita Map (3)

Map of Metropolitan Wichita, Kansas. Compliments of Kansas State Bank and Trust Company. Pictured on the first pic is Century II, an expo hall built in 1969, where I was just at a conference last week. The second pic has the public library, built in 1967, on the left (I was just there also, it’s right next to Century II), also pictured are the KSB Motor Bank and the Regal Inn.

Kansas City Texaco Street Map

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A street map of Kansas City from Texaco Oil and gas stations. The cover art looks to be about 1960, but the map itself is 1970.

Pall Mall Cigarette Atlas

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Pall Mall Atlas (1) (Large)
Pall Mall Atlas (2) (Large)
PallMallMap (1)
PallMallMap (2)

Pall Mall Cigarettes/Rand McNally road atlas for the United States and southern Canada. This is some kind of advertising for gas stations I guess suggesting that they use outdoor cigarette machines. Outdoor machines are not used now because kids can buy from them with no ID check, but they used to be everywhere. No date on the atlas, but the info on the “new” interstate system is interesting. The system was proposed in 1956, but not much was built for several years after.

Phillips 66 Wichita, KS Map 1969

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009 010 011

Phillips 66 street map of Wichita Kansas, 1969. From Randy’s Service Station also delt with U-Haul. 3155 South Broadway, Wichita, KS. It includes a list of all “66” stations in Wichita. This map is a little different than most 1969 Phillips maps which show a more close up view of a station and many are in color. The “66” in Phillips 66 stands for Route 66 which goes right through Bartlesville, OK, the home of Mr. Phillips.

JVC – Video the Better Way – Early VHS Booklets

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Here’s some vintage VHS booklets when the medium was new. Video the Better Way: A New Art for a New Age. JVC VHS. There are five booklets in here, Basics, Production, Enhancement, Applications, and Supplements. I’m going to be putting this on eBay unless one of my gentle readers contacts me today. I don’t remember seeing a copyright date, but it does mention the equipment lineup “as of December 1980.” I couldn’t scan it without damaging the binding, so I took photos as best as I could.

When I first saw this on the shelf, I thought it was an old tape, but when I was it was a set of booklets in a VHS-tape sized container, I thought, “How cool!”

I didn’t actually know anyone who owned a VCR until about 1985. Before that we had to rent the machine along with the movie, and it wasn’t cheap. It was cheaper to go out to eat or cruse around all night.


“Possibilities for introducing Video into your life.” I like how Video is capitalized.


Look at the size of those VCRs and cameras! VCRs with wired remotes!


Check out the map of the world’s color and black and white TV broadcasting systems.


Indians of Kansas Wall Map


“Official” Indians of Kansas map by the Hearne Brothers. Arapaho and Cheyenne, Kiowa and Comanche, Pawnee, Kansa (where Kansas gets it’s name), Wichita, Missouri and Oto, and Osage. I like the art work around the edges.

Counties of Kansas wall map by the Hearne Brothers.

These maps are hanging on the wall in the building where I work.