Revell Modelers Club and even better Revell Master Modelers Club!

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Revell Modelers Club Certificate
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I used to build quite a few models back in the day. Not a ton, I certainly knew kids who did more and better than I, but it was something I enjoyed. Here’s a couple of certificates from the Revell Modelers Club. Don’t know exactly what years they are, but I would guess late 1970s. Possibly early 1980s, but more likely ’70s. I wish I still had some of those catalogs. I built mainly cars, but also WWII planes and a couple of ships.


Chevy puts the Purr in Performance!

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1957 Chevy Ad

I found this in some magazines that were getting thrown out. I opened one up and it fell on this 1957 Chevy ad that I’d not seen before so I cut it out. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get more. I’d sell this for $5. This magazine was called Holiday.

More CD Box Stuff – The Blues

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I posted a CD box of The Joshua Tree a few days ago, well, here’s some pictures I cut off the box from some blues CDs I bought back in the ’80s.

John Lee Hooker.

Muddy Waters.

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Star Wars Kenner Toy Catalog 1978

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Star Wars toy catalog from Kenner that came with some other Star Wars toy in 1978. I had posted this a long time ago, but it was taken with with a camera instead of scanned, and I don’t think it included all the pages. However, it’s kind of a moot point when all my old photos were flushed down the toilet by Webshots. I’ve got another one that I scanned but it saved as PDF instead of JPG, so I’ll have to re-do it.

There’s some cool stuff here, light saber toothbrushes, bop bags, custom vans… I really, really wanted Han’s laser pistol as a kid.

Notice the spelling of R2-D2 as Artoo-Detoo (complete with a trademark symbol!).

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U2 The Joshua Tree CD Box from 1987

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U2, The Joshua Tree, 1987. Do you remember when CDs came in a cardboard box? There were two reasons for this, one, to prevent theft, and two, so they would fit in album display cases at the store. I don’t have the rest of this box, just the front cover.

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