Buck Owens in The Country Music Who’s Who 1966 Edition

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Buck Owens
Buck Owens Fan Club

Buck Owens America’s Number 1 Country Artist in 1965, and then you can join the Buck Owens Fan Club! My next post will be more about Fan Clubs.

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Harlem Globetrotters Collection

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Here’s my Harlem Globetrotters collection of stuff. I’ve got it on eBay right now.

Two books:
Around the World with the Harlem Globetrotters by Dave Zinkoff and Edgar Williams, Macrae Smith Company, 1953. Library binding with a book slip in the front and a stamp. Binding is still strong.
Harlem Globetrotters by George Vecsey, Scholastic, 1970, 7th printing 1974. The spine has a bit of a split, but it is still holding well.

Two Harlem Globetrotter yearbook programs from 1975 and 1976. The 1976 on is a 50th anniversary. They both have fold-outs with all the team, but the 1975 on is torn along the seam. It’s a smooth tear right along the edge. The 1975 one I bought when we saw them at Oral Roberts University Mabee Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was 9 years old. I considered keeping that one.

A photocopy of Hallie Bryant that is signed “to John” and autographed.

A photocopy of the team with some of the names of the players on them. not sure what year, but it’s got Show Boat Hall, Meadowlark, Curley, Hallie, Geese and Bobby Joe, with Soupy Sales as the coach.

Tarzan Rides a Lion!


Tarzan Triumphant by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Ace F-194 1963. Cover art by Roy Krenkel. He’s riding a lion like it’s a wild horse! I’ve posted this book with a different cover before.

Tarzan the Magnificent by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Ballantine Books U2021 Tarzan 21. Cover by Dick Powers.

Pulp Covers


The End of My Life by Vance Bourjaily. Bantam 1047.

A Tree of Night and Other Stories by Truman Capote. Signet 878.

The Bruiser by Jim Tully. Bantam 67.

Moscow by Theodor Plievier. Ace D-1974.

TV Books – Buffy’s Cookbook and Archie’s Wit and Wisdom

Books, Television

Buffy’s Cookbook, by Jody Cameron. Berkley Medallion W2092, 1971.”Buffy is a popular star of the “Family Affair” Television show.” Part of the Celebrity Kitchen series. Funny that they had to explain who Buffy was, like someone would buy the book not knowing. I assume that’s Jody in the background with the miniskirt.

The Wit and Wisdom of Archie Bunker. Popular Library, 1976. All In The Family

I could have done some clever post title playing on the “family” theme that both shows have in the title, but I didn’t.

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Esquire Cartoons and A Glorious Pool


The Pocket Book of Esquire Cartoons, Cardinal Books, C-331. 1940s.

The Glorious Pool by Thorne Smith. Pocket Book no. 153,950,919. 1950s.

Dr. Kildare Books

Books, Television

Dr. Kildare’s Crisis by Max Brand.
Dr. Kildare’s Trial by Max Brand.
Dr. Kildare’s Secret Romance by Norman Daniels. With a pin-up of Richard Chamberlain!
The Secret of Dr. Kildare by Max Brand.
Dr. Kildare’s Finest Hour by Norman Daniels.
Dr. Kildare: The Faces of Love by William Johnston.

Dr. Kildare was first written by famed Western novelist Max Brand. A soap opera seems like a whole different ranch, but there you have it. Kildare spawned a life of his own and lived way longer than Max Brand did.