Philmont Belt Buckle from the 1970s or so

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Philmont is a Boy Scout camp. I had no idea when I got the buckle what it was, I just got it. Many years later a friend who had been an Eagle Scout asked what I was doing with a it and explained it all to me.

Great Plains Businesses use Leather Belt Buckles

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Clinton and Elk City are in Oklahoma and the white leather buckle is for Production Credit Association whatever that is. Wikipedia:

Production Credit Association

A Production Credit Association (PCA) delivered short- and intermediate-term loans to farmers and ranchers, and to rural residents for housing. A PCA also made loans to these borrowers for basic processing and marketing activities, and to farm-related businesses. A PCA obtained funds from an FCS bank to lend to its members. PCAs own their loan assets.

They were created under the Farm Credit Act of 1933. All present-day PCAs are now subsidiaries of ACAs.

They also spent government funds on advertising belt buckles!

The brown leather buckle is for the Wichita Livestock Market which is of course in the great state of Kansas. And I know what a livestock market is.

United States Constitution 200th Anniversary Belt Buckle

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Another Great American Buckle Company buckles. This is one a commemorative belt buckle for the 200th anniversary of the United States Constitution. It’s a limited edition, mine is number C16516! The US Constitution isn’t a perfect document, but France has been through 6 or 7 republics while we are still on our first. The Constitution is flexible enough to withstand the changes of time and expand greater freedoms for people, and for that we are grateful.

California Perfume Company (now called Avon) Belt Buckle

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A fancy belt buckle in a box like it’s a medal or something from California Perfume Co., founded in 1886. Not sure what year the buckle is from, but would guess late ’70s/early ’80s? Too bad the box isn’t in better shape. Here’s a little history on California Perfume Co., they changed the name to Avon in 1939, but I really don’t think this brass buckle is that old. I assume I got this when my grandmother was selling Avon.