Revell Modelers Club and even better Revell Master Modelers Club!

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Revell Modelers Club Certificate
KIC Image 0002

I used to build quite a few models back in the day. Not a ton, I certainly knew kids who did more and better than I, but it was something I enjoyed. Here’s a couple of certificates from the Revell Modelers Club. Don’t know exactly what years they are, but I would guess late 1970s. Possibly early 1980s, but more likely ’70s. I wish I still had some of those catalogs. I built mainly cars, but also WWII planes and a couple of ships.


Chevy puts the Purr in Performance!

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1957 Chevy Ad

I found this in some magazines that were getting thrown out. I opened one up and it fell on this 1957 Chevy ad that I’d not seen before so I cut it out. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get more. I’d sell this for $5. This magazine was called Holiday.

Folk Jamboree

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Folk Jamboree Cover

Folk Jamboree, Columbia Special Products CSP-205, 1964? From Philco, a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. Village Stompers, Johnny Cash, New Christy Minstrels, Bob Dylan, Les & Larry Elgart, Flatt & Scruggs, Clancy Brothers featuring Tommy Makem, Pete Seeger, The Brothers Four, and Banjo Barons.

Similar to the All-Star Hootenanny from Zenith that I posted last September. Some of the same artists.

The Rip Chords – Three Window Coupe

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The Rip Chords, Three Window Coupe, Columbia Special Products CSRP 9016, 1964. Just bought this new unopened for a dime!

I went to a garage sale of people who owned an electronics store that had closed long ago. They had a ton of albums for ten cents each! Mostly brand new! Mostly bargain labels stuff, but some pretty neat stuff too. Lots of duplicates so I only bought about 35 albums, which they let me have for $3. I’ve thought about going back and getting more to sell on eBay or something.

Some Guest Post Links and Some Collected Retro Pictures

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Just a quick post to tell you about two guest post spots I’ve had recently. Ruth at Artifact Collectors asked me to do a guest post about one of my collections. I chose to do it on Soda Pop Bottles. You should check out some of the other guest posts, very interesting and eclectic.

Then at almost the same time, TheSquonk at the fabulous Forgotten Films asked me for a guest post on a forgotten Disney film. I wrote a review on Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar. Even though I was in a time crunch, I think they turned out OK.

Now, how about some pics I’ve collected from around the web. Last time I did this, it was a pretty cool post (he humbly admitted). There’s no rhyme or reason to these, just coolness. I’d love to give credit for the photos, but I can’t remember where I got all of them. If I took one of them from your blog, just say something in the comments and I’ll make the link. Click on the picture to get the full size.

From Collecting Vinyl Records

Once again, this is my political stance. Most politicians are to be taken about as serious as Yogi.

Wonder Woman and Bigfoot! How fantastic is this?

I LOVE this photo of Batman and Batgirl!

Don Knotts selling a Dodge pickup truck called The Dude!