Thief Soundtrack – Tangerine Dream

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Tangarine Dream Thief Soundtrack
Tangarine Dream Thief Soundtrack

Thief Soundtrack, Tangerine Dream, Electra 5E-521, 1981. Synth heavy early ’80s production. The movie stars James Caan. Here’s my short review: Pretty cool and slick Michael Mann picture about a high-end thief who wants to have a normal suburban life, but gets involved with the mob. They don’t want him to quit and hurt people to convince him to stay. James Caan as the thief is very good at playing him as a total jerk. The guy is pretty unlikable, really. However, you have sympathy for him as he’s trying to overcome his past. BTW, is “slick Michael Mann” redundant?

I found this record at a garage sale where they’d left it out overnight and we had a heavy dew. This and one other album (CCR Chronicles) covers were pretty wet, but the vinyl was in tip-top shape and they were only a quarter so I bought them.

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