Home Recording Discs at 78 RPM


These are two home recording discs from my grandparents. One is a message from Grandma to Grandpa from 1955 and the other is a recording of Mrs. E. M. Clark, old time fiddler from 1942. The Voice-O-Graph is 6 inches, a little smaller than a 45. The Howard is 10 inches, normal 78 size. The small one is no good, you can’t hear anything but noise out of it. The other is OK on one side, but the other side is all pitted.

I thought these were kinda cool, as they predate cassette tapes by 30 years.


2 thoughts on “Home Recording Discs at 78 RPM

  1. I have several home recording discs similar to the ones you show here.

    They really are a slice of life from long ago. Some are recorded messages but most seem to be singers or musical groups trying to document their sound.


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