Star Wars Kenner Toy Catalog 1978

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Star Wars toy catalog from Kenner that came with some other Star Wars toy in 1978. I had posted this a long time ago, but it was taken with with a camera instead of scanned, and I don’t think it included all the pages. However, it’s kind of a moot point when all my old photos were flushed down the toilet by Webshots. I’ve got another one that I scanned but it saved as PDF instead of JPG, so I’ll have to re-do it.

There’s some cool stuff here, light saber toothbrushes, bop bags, custom vans… I really, really wanted Han’s laser pistol as a kid.

Notice the spelling of R2-D2 as Artoo-Detoo (complete with a trademark symbol!).

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5 thoughts on “Star Wars Kenner Toy Catalog 1978

  1. I dig those vans!

    I sold/traded a lot of my Star Wars stuff years ago, but I still have a little catalog from…oh, 1983? I should scan mine. It’s cool too. Has those weird whateveryoucallthem toys in it. (think Duplo vs. Lego)


  2. There is something almost magical about all of these toys. I will never forget the feelings of excitement, wonder, and awe I had whenever my Mom would buy me a new one. I coveted that Han Solo Blaster, but wasn’t allowed to have toy guns. I also wanted the 15″ Chewie as well. I satisfied that void somewhat by getting the new 20″ figure in December. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!


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