If Netflix Breaks Next Week, It’s Probably My Fault…


I’m trying an experiment with Netflix. In my disc queue I’ve got 441 titles. Several have a status like “very long wait” “long wait” or “short wait” on them. Today as I looked at my queue, the top 5 had some kind of wait status. So I put them all at the top with “very long wait” then “long wait,” then “short wait.” A few of them changed status as I was moving them around, and a few have changed in the few hours since, but basically, I now have numbers 1-23 at “very long wait”; 24-54 at “long wait”; and 55-127 have “short wait.” So we’ll see if this is too much for Netflix to handle and if they grind to a halt. If we all did this, then perhaps we really could create some havoc!



2 thoughts on “If Netflix Breaks Next Week, It’s Probably My Fault…

  1. I’ve never used it, so I’m not sure how that process works. If it changes just from you rearranging some titles, sounds like the status isn’t as important as people think. (?)

    I noticed you have “Marty” there. If you haven’t seen it, I’m sure you’ll like it. However, try and see the original teleplay starring Rod Steiger as well. I prefer it, as you actually feel for his character more.


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