Discothèque for Various Dances In Stereo!


Discothèque, Diplomat DS 2397, 1960s. This is pre “disco” when a discotheque was a place to go dance. A list of the dances this album’s grooves are for: fox trot, cha-cha, jamaca ska, hully gully, frug, jitterbug, limbo, rhumba, bossa nova, mashed potatoes, and merengue! Note, there is no Hustle. These are all 1960s dance crazes. Well, 1960s back to about the 1920s. And a few are actually music styles, not dances.

This is an unopened copy that I recently picked up at an out-of-business electronics store with some others that were the last few posts. I’ve got a few more to go. This is document.write(‘on eBay right now!‘);on eBay right now!

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