Shake Break

Soda Pop

Shake Break ACL bottle. I think this was a chocolate drink, like Chocolate Soldier, not a carbonated beverage. But I could be wrong.


15 thoughts on “Shake Break

  1. I think of your blog when I see old bottles in antique shops and whatnot.

    A friend of mine found hundreds of bottles buried in his backyard. You’d probably like some of them.


  2. Shake Break was a chocolate drink. Now that I think about it, it may have been available in Vanilla, too. Believe it or not, they sold it at my elementary school in the ’60’s, from a horizontal “pop” machine. I believe it was bottled by Dairygold or possibly Noel Canning, the local Pepsi bottler in Yakima, WA. All I know is went it went away, nobody could figure out why. That was some good stuff!


  3. I remember Shake Break! When I was going to high school in the late 60’s we would stop at the corner store and buy these. Chocolate flavoured drink and sooooo good.


  4. You are not wrong, I used to drink the chocolate”Shake Break” drink all of the time when I was 5-8 years old. I drank a lot of it when I had my tonsils out when I was 7


  5. Shake Break came in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Orange… we had machines in our school, it was a dime a bottle! I thought it was just a local thing. It was pretty good though! Someone from Noel Canning Corp would have the complete history on it.


  6. Shake Break was a chocolate drink. My Cousin Sandy and I were in a commercial for in in the 1960s. If I can get my Mom to find old Commercials I will post it to the web.


  7. My big brother and cousin starred in the 1st commercial for this product, still rember the jingle. Shake break man its cool, lunch supper after school, any time you need a break take a shake break.


  8. Hi,
    All comments are interesting we just purchased a six pack of seven oz bottles with lids very complete .Shake Break six pack of seven oz bottles that had Vanilla drink in it. All looks like it’s almost new bottles are all dated 1965 on bottom. I’m so glad we have the lids too.


  9. My husband and his siblings bought Shake Break bottles (chocolate flavor) from a machine in his school in Bremerton, Washington in the 1960’s. They were bottled at a Dairy Gold plant in Bremerton.


  10. I posted here in 2014. Just wanted to add that we bought them in the late 60’s at corner stores here in Edmonton, Alberta. Someone said they might post commercials. I would love to see those.


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