Barnabas – Approaching Light Speed

Barnabas (1)
Barnabas (2)
Barnabas (3)

Barnabas, Approaching Light Speed, Light Records, LS 2859, 1983.

Cover art by Kernie Erickson, who grew up down the block from my mother. His dad (named Knux Erickson) and my Grandfather (Roy Childs) grew up in the same area around Buffalo, KS, and were in the same division in WWII, the 35th Infantry Division. Granddad was in an infantry company, Knux was in communications. Later, they lived one block from each other in Wichita, KS, from the 1950s until Knux died a few years ago. My grandparents are still in the same house. Kernie now lives in California and does retro-styled surfer paintings.

Barnabas was a Christian hard rock/ heavy metal band.

The one dude with all the hair looks a lot like one of the guys in Boston.

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