Royal Crown Cola Bottle Variations 1930s to 1970s

Glassware, Soda Pop

4 different ACL Royal Crown (RC) Cola bottles from the 1930s to the 1970s. The two left ones are out of order. I went through a phase in about 7th grade where I almost exclusively drank RC. Well, I drank milk and water too, but you know what I mean. What memories do you have with RC Cola?


10 thoughts on “Royal Crown Cola Bottle Variations 1930s to 1970s

  1. Nothing goes better with a moon pie than an RC! My dad used to put peanuts in his šŸ™‚ They still make RC but it doesn’t taste the same, too syrupy sweet.


  2. RC had a great ‘King of the Hill’ tv commercial – Hank is mowing the lawn, drinking an RC, at peace with all things. Son Bobby runs up shouting ‘Hey Dad! I made the football team!’ Hank smiles – then wakes up in his hammock. Bobby runs up shouting ‘Hey Dad! I made the football team BROWNIES!’ Hank wails in horror.


  3. RC was a good compromise between Pepsi and Coke, plus was usually cheaper! I liked it , but theyre too inconsistent lately [as in the last 20 years]. One bottle/6pack might be great and the next taste like week old Coke Zero…


  4. Aloha, I found a Royal Soda bottle today on a hike and I would love someone to take a look at it. It only has the embossed Royal Soda on the glass and a crown, plus some design on the glass. I cannot find anything else like it except the Nehi orange soda is the closest likeness to it. Please contact me if you would like a picture emailed. Mahalo, Heidi


  5. Hey, cleaning out my garage I found a RC Cola 28 oz green bottle with paper lables. Top label says money back bottle and bottom label has the “Me and my RC” fraze. I’m thinking it’s from the 70’s but can’t find anything like it online.


  6. I am making a documentary film about a small town airport in Lebanon, Tennessee. During the 1950-1960, a number of students who attended nearby Castle Heights Military Academy did flight training at the airport. One of the fond memories of the cadets was being at the airport and buying an RC cola and a bag of peanuts for a nickle. (And putting them in the bottle.)
    Would you have any photos of bottles from the late 1950s that you would be willing to share to be in the film? Full credit will be given.

    Many thanks!


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