New Netflix Instant Streaming for April 3, 2013! Another Huge Update!


Didn’t I just do a huge update yesterday? This one is so huge, I’m going to do it in sections. First up is the letter “A”. Stay tuned!


  • 99 River Street (1953) I was knocked out by this little noir when I watched it a few months back. Great thriller with John Payne, Evelyn Keyes, Brad Dexter, and Peggie Castle. Director Phil Karlson (Kansas City Confidential, Walking Tall) hit on all cylinders with this one.
  • A.K.A. Cassius Clay (2001) Documentary on Muhammad Ali during the ’60s.
  • Act of Vengeance (Rape Squad) (1974)
  • Adam and Evalyne (1949) Stewart Granger, Jean Simmons in a sorted tale.
  • Alakazam the Great (1960) Animated feature with voices of Frankie Avalon, Sterling Holloway, and the recently departed Jonathan Winters.
  • All Night Long (1962) Patrick McGoohan in a jazz version of Othello. With appearances from Charles Mingus and the recently departed Dave Brubeck.
  • All Over the Town (1949) British film about a newspaper. Remember those? I mean newspapers, not British films.
  • Allotment Wives (1945) Women are marrying several service men for the money!
  • Always a Bride (1953) Father/daughter con team on the Riviera. Peggy Cummins, Terence Morgan, and Ronald Squire
  • The Amazing Transparent Man (1960) Directed by Edgar Ulmer, who’s developed something of a following for making no-budget movies that are not only watchable, but entertaining.
  • Ambush Murders (1982) James Brolin, Dorian Harewood, and Alfre Woodard in a legal thriller about racism.
  • The American Snitch (1983) Tabloid has crazy people working at it. George “Goober” Lindsey is in it.
  • Anatomy of a Seduction (1978) Rita Moreno in a May-December relationship movie.
  • And Your Name Is Jonah (1979) James Woods and Sally Struthers have a deaf child.
  • Angels from Hell (1968) Biker movie.
  • The Angry Red Planet (1959) The “red planet” is Mars, or course. Why it’s angry, I don’t know. Can a planet be angry?
  • Anna Lucasta (1958) Looks like heavy drama with Eartha Kitt and Sammy Davis Jr.
  • The Ape (1940) Boris Karloff is a mad scientist. What more do you want?
  • The Apple (1980) Camp classic?
  • April Morning (1988) Great Hallmark movie with Tommy Lee Jones, Robert Urich, and Rip Torn. Why aren’t there more great movies about the Revolutionary War?
  • Are You in the House Alone? (1978)
  • Arizona Whirlwind (1944) B-Western with Hoot Gibson (don’t you wish your name was Hoot Gibson?) and Bob Steele (actually, that’s a better name).
  • The Assassin (Venetian Bird) (1952) A private eye movie.
  • The Astonished Heart (1950) It’s got Noel Coward who’s always entertaining.
  • Attack of the Puppet People (1958) John Agar. Deranged puppet maker shrinks people.

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