Wayne Newton from K-Mart! Plus an Apology from Me

Wayne Newton

Wayne Newton, The Best of Wayne Newton, Capitol ST 2797, 1967. Still in the shrink wrap with the K-Mart price sticker!

Boring personal stuff below:

Sorry about the light posting lately. I haven’t posted anything since April 9th, so that makes 15 days without posting! By far the longest I’ve gone in the five years I’ve been doing this. I’ve occasionally gone as far as 8 days, but usually I do 3-4 posts per week. When I did my 5 year anniversary post back in November, I was still feeling great about keeping this thing going. I even bragged about how regular I post!

Well, life and the internet have conspired and caused me to lose some of my joy and energy. While there’s nothing bad going on, I’m just tired and feeling rather blase.

In fact, things were much, much worse when I started this blog. My wife was barely recovering from a year long health issue that left her practically bed-ridden most of 2008, and my job was in jeopardy (and thus, the insurance needed for the wife). I think the blog was a form of therapy then.

Now, she’s in better health than she’s ever been, exercising regularly, doing yoga, etc., I have tenure so I’d have to do something really stupid to lose my job. Just, there’s a lot going on: the house always needs something, the kids always need something, the job is… interesting.

As you may know, Webshots shut down, and that was my photohost for the past five years. I downloaded my photos from them, but they all came random. Not together in folders, not alphabetical, just random. So I have to sort them, re-upload them to Flickr, re-connect the photo to the post, it’s been a huge pain.

However, this weekend I’m setting up at a huge downtown antique flea market and getting ready for that has gotten my juices running again.

That’s probably more personal information than you wanted, and I almost deleted it, but hey, my two or three followers might want to know why I haven’t been posting!


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