Vintage Scans – Real Detective Magazine 1950

Real Detective, December 1950. My brother and his family moved to England last year and gave me a bunch of stuff. This was in the boxes, but it’s not at all like anything else they had and isn’t something they would usually have. Mostly it was stuff like a lighthouse bird feeder and some kitchen items.

Too bad this doesn’t have a really lurid cover. The ads are really interesting. It was kinda cool anyway, so I scanned the whole issue and here it is for you. I’m posting a sample but the complete thing is in the zip file. I’ve got the full-size scans (2480×3230) in a zip file trying out a new service. Try it here. Let me know if there’s any problems.

CCI03222013_00000 (Large)
CCI03222013_00002 (Large)

Check out some of these article titles: “Murder can Multiply”; “Terror in Timbuctoo”; “Beautiful – but for the Nose”; “Secret of the Green-eyed Blonde”; “No Man Smells That Sweet”; “The Killer Knew His Women.”

CCI03222013_00003 (Large)

Great noir-style photo.
CCI03222013_00005 (Large)

And here we have some “man boobs.”
CCI03222013_00008 (Large)

“Beautiful – but for the Nose”
CCI03222013_00015 (Large)

Some ads. Lots of health oriented ads which I didn’t expect. There’s 3 learn-about-sex books, a few for bust cream, and of course, lots of career possibilities. The color television bank and the strip tease necktie are cool.
CCI03222013_00029 (Large)
CCI03222013_00030 (Large)
CCI03222013_00038 (Large)
CCI03222013_00039 (Large)
CCI03222013_00040 (Large)
CCI03222013_00041 (Large)
CCI03222013_00042 (Large)
CCI03222013_00043 (Large)
CCI03222013_00044 (Large)
CCI03222013_00046 (Large)
CCI03222013_00049 (Large)


2 thoughts on “Vintage Scans – Real Detective Magazine 1950

  1. Great! Love it all especially the magic tricks. I need a Commander to wear under my sample suit while I’m giving harmonica lessons at my shoe store! Back then the world was full of possibilities.


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