Marcy! Happy Little Children!


044 (Medium)
045 (Medium)

Marcy, Happy Little Children, Singcord Zondervan ZLP-960, 1976. Got a few more I’ll be posting.

A lot of people are seriously freaked out by Marcy. Just do a quick web search and you’ll find some pretty nasty commentary. Most of those people are probably freaked out by Barney the dinosour and Blue’s Clues. Well, those actually freak me out.

Marcy never bothered me, but my Grandmother had a few of her albums and my Grandmother’s was always a safe place. I seem to remember I liked Marcy when I was really little, but my sister liked her a lot longer after I’d “grown up” and was listening to The Aristocats and Lady and the Tramp soundtracks. I’m not sure how I got these albums, they might be the same ones my Grandmother had.

The best site I found in my 5 minutes of research is, there was one other that had a pretty good discography, but it was so negative I won’t link to it.

A sample. Now remember, this is for kids, and I gag at most kids stuff today too.

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