19 Actors I Will Watch Any Time


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There are some actors that have so much personality on screen that it doesn’t matter what movie they are in, no matter how bad it is, they elevate any scene they are in. I came up with this idea after watching Charlie Varrick and The Outfit within a couple days of each other, both with Joe Don Baker and he had no trouble keeping up with such major screen presences such as Walter Matthau and Robert Duvall. And, he played almost opposite type characters.

I debated leaving out the major stars like Bogart and Cary Grant, but I figured, hey, I actually will watch anything with those guys. I’m sure most people have a similar list, even if they haven’t formalized it. Some people like Harry Dean Stanton, Henry Silva or John Saxon on their list. While I like each of those guys immensely, they didn’t make the cut. I’m going to do actresses later this week or next.


George C. Scott


Joe Don Baker


Dana Andrews


Warren Oates


Humphrey Bogart

cary_grant_new_2a (Small)

Cary Grant


Robert Duvall


Michael Caine

General Jack D. Ripper

Sterling Hayden


Robert Mitchum


Errol Flynn


Edward G. Robinson


Jack Elam

Yaphett Kotto

Yaphett Kotto


Delroy Lindo


Robert Ryan


Slim Pickens


John Wayne


George Sanders


6 thoughts on “19 Actors I Will Watch Any Time

  1. Hard to disagree with a lot of these. My list would drop a few, certainly, but would keep probably more than half.

    I’d include James Mason and Claude Raines for sure, and probably Peter Lorre and Walter Brennan.

    As for Joe Don Baker…I’ve seen Mitchell and Final Justice. If you haven’t either one might make you rethink his position on this list.


  2. Nice list. I’ve been seeing many of these guys a lot on TCM. šŸ™‚ I’d add Glenn Ford, Jack Palance and Burt Lancaster in there for sure if it was my list.


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