New Netflix Instant Streaming for November 20, 2012 – Lotsa Old TV Shows!


Instantly watch from thousands of TV episodes & movies streaming from Netflix. Try Netflix for FREE!

A whole pile of very old TV shows this time around. With many names that you’ll recognize. Don’t be afraid of them just because you’ve never heard of the show. I’ll bet there’s several here you’ll like!

  • The Jack Benny Show (1952) I LOVE Jack Benny.
  • Bob Hope: The Comedy Hour (1952) I LOVE Bob Hope.
  • Abbott & Costello Colgate Comedy Hour (1951) I LOVE Abbott & Costello.
  • Suspense (1949) “These vintage 30-minute tales of mystery and suspense from the classic anthology series feature numerous Hollywood and Broadway legends in crisp digitally remastered episodes that originally aired live on television from 1949-54. Guest stars include Bela Lugosi, Lloyd Bridges, Paul Newman, Jack Lemmon, Charlton Heston, Boris Karloff, Anne Bancroft, Cloris Leachman, Hume Cronyn, Walter Matthau and many others.”
  • One Step Beyond (Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond) (1959) “A darker cousin to The Twilight Zone, this classic anthology series drew its inspiration from real-life stories about supernatural phenomena. Host John Newland presides over the creepy tales, which blur the line between truth and fiction.”
  • Date with the Angels (1957) “Betty White stars as Vicki Angel, a newlywed whose well-intentioned but kooky exploits always seem to land her and her insurance salesman husband, Gus, in a pickle, like sandwiched between arguing neighbors for starters.”
  • Life with Elizabeth (1953) “This charming family comedy stars Betty White as Elizabeth, whose antics and foibles keep beleaguered but loving husband Alvin on his toes. Each episode features three unrelated vignettes.”
  • Make Room for Daddy (1953) “Danny Thomas plays nightclub performer Danny Williams, a character much like himself, in this classic television sitcom that has the entertainer struggling to juggle show business and family.” Also has Jean Hagen.
  • Man with a Camera (1958) Charles Bronson “Former combat cameraman Mike Kovac is now a freelance photographer in New York City, specializing in difficult and dangerous assignments where he can get the kinds of pictures that other photographers can’t or won’t take.”
  • My Hero (1952) Robert Cummings and Julie Bishop “Bungling Hollywood real estate salesman Robert S. Beanblossom escapes many sticky situations, thanks to his loyal secretary, Julie, in this collection of episodes from the classic 1950s comedy show.”
  • Private Secretary (1953) “Meddling secretary Susie stirs up trouble for her talent-agent boss and Park Avenue office mates. When the filing’s all finished, she tries to help boss Peter with his personal problems.” Ann Southern and Jesse White.
  • Red Skelton: America’s Funniest Man (2006) Looks like a complation of old Skelton skits. “This comedic compilation showcases the legendary talents of one of America’s most beloved funnymen, featuring selected skits, celebrity visits and crazy characters from “The Red Skelton Show.””
  • Roy Rogers with Dale Evans (1951) “This classic television program features the long-running Roy Rogers shows, with Roy, Dale, Trigger and his “wonder dog,” Bullet. It’s non-stop adventure for the couple as they crusade for what’s right.”
  • Spike Jones: The Legend (1951) I find it odd that Spike Jones isn’t better known today, his funny songs are just the thing that lots of people like. “Quirky bandleader and master satirist Spike Jones — a man known for his zany renditions of popular songs — conducts his ensemble of City Slickers in a cacophony of cowbells, car horns, belches and hiccups in this nostalgic compilation.”
  • Studio One: The Defender (1957) “As father and son attorneys defend a young man accused of murder, they find themselves at odds over whether their client is guilty or innocent. This vintage TV anthology series features live dramas with well-known actors and future stars.” Martin Balsam, Ralph Bellamy, Steve McQueen, and William Shatner.
  • The Cisco Kid (1950) “The Cisco Kid and his sidekick, Pancho, roam the Wild West with both humor and compassion, righting the wrongs of con men, bandits and outlaws — all while confronting danger at every turn.”
  • The Goldbergs (1955) “Based on the American radio show that ran from 1929 to 1946, this classic television show follows the comical daily life of the kind but meddlesome Molly Goldberg as she raises her Jewish family in the Bronx.”
  • The Life of Riley / Our Miss Brooks (1949) William Bendix plays a slightly dim aircraft riveter frequently bested by his spouse and his offspring. Then, Eve Arden stars as a sardonic schoolteacher consistently at odds with her principal and enamored with a colleague.
  • Selections from the Best of Ozzie & Harriet (1952) Ricky Nelson!
  • You Bet Your Life (1950) I LOVE Grouch Marx! This quiz show he does is pretty funny.
  • The Best of Bonanza! (1960) Dan Blocker, Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, and Michael Landon.

Instantly watch from thousands of TV episodes & movies streaming from Netflix. Try Netflix for FREE!


2 thoughts on “New Netflix Instant Streaming for November 20, 2012 – Lotsa Old TV Shows!

  1. One Step Beyond was mega creepy

    I’ve never heard of the two Betty White shows, it’s great that she’s hip again.

    I love Groucho too. I think i have about every episode of You Bet Your Life on disc. Wonderful stuff

    Bonanza? I’m there.

    Those anthology drama shows had some amazing episodes on occasion.


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