Zenith Presents All Star Hootenanny with Bob Dylan

Hootenanny (1)
Hootenanny (2)

All Star Hootenanny, Columbia Special Products, CSP 149, 1962. Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan (As Bobby Dylan), Orriel Smith, The Clancy Brothers with Thomas Makem. “Zenith presents a collector’s item in thrilling stereo!”

This album is the reason I bought two boxes of records at an auction a few weeks ago. It’s a very early Bob Dylan: “Bob Dylan is a fast-rising young man who has crossed and re-crossed the country, learning songs and writing them himself. Possessor of a compelling vocal style, Bob is heard to especial advantage on Freight Train Blues, Pretty Peggy-O and Corrina, Corrina.” Has anyone heard of him being called “Bobby” before?

Something about Pete Seeger bugs me. He’s too earnest or something. And “Where have all the Flowers Gone?” makes me want to gag. It has since I was about 8 years old. What? Generation X, cynical? What makes you say that?

Orriel Smith sounds like Joan Baez, not my favorite singing style. I prefer a less affected, more natural style of folk.

The Clancy Brothers are Irish and sing Irish folk songs. I like that a lot.

I’m usually suspicious of anything that says “Collectors Item” on it, but this one pretty much is, if eBay is any kind of clue.


One thought on “Zenith Presents All Star Hootenanny with Bob Dylan

  1. I’m wondering if this was one of those freebies given away with new stereos, considering the Zenith branding and all. If so, that should make it extremely rare. Interesting how they used two cuts from Dylan’s first album and one from his second. At any rate, it’s quite a find.


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