Hot Wheels Collector Belt Buckle 1978

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Belt Buckles 013
Belt Buckles 014

This belt buckle dated 1978 is for a Mattel Hot Wheels Collector. At the time, “collectors” for Hot Wheels meant kids. Things have changed. I was in a Toys’R’Us with my boys once when they brought out a new box of Hot Wheels, set it on the ground, cut it open, and walked away as 3 grown men pounced on the box. I assume the employee came back afterwards and had fewer cars to hang up on the rack. I still have a few of my old Hot Wheels, not as many as I did as a kid, but I’ve got the Red Baron with redline tires, and a few others. This buckle appears to also have a Ford Model A like the one I posted a few days back.


One thought on “Hot Wheels Collector Belt Buckle 1978

  1. LOL, your toy’r’us story is kind of funny. I can see my husband doing that. Whenever we decide what birthday present to by our son, I know he is suggesting things he really wants to play with…


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