Personalized Belt Buckle from the Philippines 1952-54

Belt Buckles
Belt Buckles 012

Not sure what the story on this one is. When I first picked it up in the early 1980s I thought Bobby Pate was maybe a singer in the Philippines. Now, after doing a search on this here new-newfangled internet and not finding a thing, my assumption is that he was US military based in the islands in 1952-54. In many countries you can find highly skilled people who will do fantastic work for what an American on salary considers peanuts. That’s probably what happened here. Someone was hired to etch the belt buckle and personalize it. I think it’s a super cool buckle and hope that someday someone in his family will find this and contact me. It’s happened a few times with other items I’ve posted and it’s always a big thrill for both of us. So, Bobby Pate genealogy, come on down!

One thought on “Personalized Belt Buckle from the Philippines 1952-54

  1. Very cool. Yeah getting stuff personalized was popular then, I remember my parents used to get a general merchandise catalog from a place that would put your name on practically everything they sold.


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