Charlie’s Angels Stickers 1977 with Farrah!

Television, Trading Cards

Charlie’s Angels stickers that came with the trading cards. These are from the first season because that was the only season Farrah Fawcett-Majors was with them. That first sticker has a bonus of rare Kate Jackson cleavage. The other two stickers are obviously Jaclyn Smith. We recently watched a movie where she was Florence Nightingale, it was a pretty good made-for-TV movie.


4 thoughts on “Charlie’s Angels Stickers 1977 with Farrah!

  1. Rare cleavage indeed. While Farah and Jaclyn were bouncing around falling out of their clothes, Kate always dressed like a man and never flaunted it. I never understood it – she was hot.


  2. Gil, Kate is even hotter in Scarecrow and Mrs. King.

    Bunchie, I like all of them.

    Ruth, yes, it is hard to believe that with the imprint Farrah left that she was only on the show one year.


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