New Netflix Instant Streaming May 24, 2012 More Music!

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Just a few music vids this week. Sorry no posts since the 15th, been busy with the end of school, some time off, and switching internet providers.

(long story here, feel free to skip it) We’ve not had internet at home since May 1st. Has anyone else used AT&T? After problems with my local provider (I think he’s going out of business), I called AT&T on April 28th to set up phone and DSL and get a DSL modem. I got an email the next day that said they needed more information, so I called and it sounded like I was talking into a tin can. Is this what I can expect from AT&T? I gave him my order number and the guy with the south Asian accent said he didn’t have my number in the system. So he transfers me to this automated thing that said my set up will be by May 10th.

OK, that should be it.

The modem never shows so I call the number in the email again and this time he transfers me to a “third party verifier” and I tell them “Yes, I’m me and I am changing phone systems.”

OK, that should be it.

Well, still no modem, so I call the “new orders” number I called the first time, and they say my order has been canceled.


When the order is cancelled it’s not in the system so they can’t tell me why. So we go through the whole stinking order thing again and the next day I get an email telling me my second order is cancelled.

At least this time they tell me instead of leaving me hanging.

So, I call again. If this time doesn’t take, we just won’t have internet cause we aren’t spending $40 a month on it (our only other option is cable internet). I explain what has gone on so far and they say they will keep me on the line until the order is complete. 40 minutes and two transfers later I’m set.

Or so I think.

This Tuesday AT&T calls and says “Thanks for signing up for phone service from us, how would you like to add DSL to that?” I almost explode! “I ORDERED DSL WITH THE PHONE SERVICE! Don’t you see it?” No, he doesn’t, there’s no charge for the modem, so I have to go through the whole stinking order process again, order the modem AGAIN! It’s supposed to be here today, if it’s not, I’m dropping AT&T and never going back. I just better not get charged for 3 or 4 modems.

Now on to the good stuff, stuff to make you feel better: MUSIC! As I’ve said before, I really like the Classic Albums series.

3 thoughts on “New Netflix Instant Streaming May 24, 2012 More Music!

  1. Good Grief…I just started with Century-Link and their service is spotty at best. They had us down at the wrong address,,,,an address they didn’t service. After several phone calls we convinced them we actually did live where we live; surrounded by people who do have their crappy service. At least it’s something. Companies have no idea how to service customers anymore.


  2. Have you considered using mobile broadband. If you’re in an area with decent reception you may find that it’s actually quicker than fixed line internet and it’s also very easy quick and easy to setup


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