1976 ITTC.B.C. – Funny Cars Trading Cards

Automobilia, Trading Cards
CCI02242012_00008 CCI02242012_00009

These trading cards are the Shoverolet and Ickonoline (by Furd). The back side has a quiz that you will have to print out and hold up to a mirror to see the answer. Or, if you’re on some sort of mobile device you can just hold it up to the mirror. These are similar to the Wacky Packs, just for automobiles.


3 thoughts on “1976 ITTC.B.C. – Funny Cars Trading Cards

  1. Why haven’t I thought of collecting vintage cards? I used to have them in my tin can but I forgot where I got it since we move around a lot. I especially like the Shoverolet card, though.


  2. I had a bunch of these cards…including the “Shoverolet” one shown. I also had the “Coldsmobile” (an Olds Cutlass Supreme that looked like an igloo),the “Blunderbird” and the “Moosestang”! I still might have them at my mom’s house!


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