New Netflix Instant Streaming May 1, 2012

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A pretty wide variety but it seems like a lot of TV movies this week and some that aren’t available on DVD in the US.
  • High Anxiety (1977) My second favorite Mel Brooks movie after Young Frankenstein. There’s something about the combination of mystery and comedy that I love, I’m a real sucker for those kinds of movies.
  • Drugstore Cowboy (1989) Stars Matt Dillon and Kelly Lynch with a young Heather Graham and an appearance by William S. Burroughs. Directed by Gus Van Sant.
  • When Eight Bells Toll (1971) Stars Anthony Hopkins and Robert Morley. Never heard of it but it looks pretty interesting.
  • Yesterday’s Hero (1979) All I can tell you is it stars Susanne Sommers.
  • The President’s Mistress (1978) All I can tell you is it stars Beau Bridges and I like him. Also has Larry Hagman and someone called Ellen Travolta.
  • The Trip (1967) An LSD movie starring Dennis Hopper, Bruce Dern, Susan Strasberg, and Peter Fonda! Directed by Roger Corman.
  • Premature Burial (1962) Ray Milland directed by Roger Corman.
  • The Babysitter (1969) Netflix has the wrong cover on this one.
  • The Three Stooges (2000) This is a made-for-TV movie, not the actual Three Stooges and not the current movie. Rob Kelly reviewed it just last week I recommend his reviews, his movie choices are generally pretty interesting.
  • Martin and Lewis (2002) Not the real Martin and Lewis, but a made-for-TV movie again.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Historical Perspective (1994) Not the Martin of Martin and Lewis.
  • Janis (1974) A.K.A. Janis: The Way She Was. Made shortly after her death, this documentary covers her key performances. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this. I’m a big fan, but watching shows about her makes me depressed. Rarely has someone so visible been so publicly desperate for love and so unable to find it.

There were also a lot of 1990s-2000s movies. I only list here what I consider “retro” so for a completer list go to Instant Watcher and click on New at the top. Of course over there you don’t get the witty commentary you all love and adore here.

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