New Netflix Instant Streaming February 15, 2012

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B-movie lovers rejoice! A bunch of low-brow films this week! And a bunch of them are Roger Corman films.
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll High School (1979) The classic with P. J. Soles and THE RAMONES! I don’t remember the movie making much sense, but it was great! Roger Corman produced.
  • She’s Gotta Have It (1986) Spike Lee’s first movie.
  • Grand Theft Auto (1977) Ron Howard attempting to break out from Opie. It was Ron Howard’s first directing gig. Kinda fun movie when I saw it at 15. Roger Corman produced.
  • Battle Beyond the Stars (1980) “Roger Corman-produced sci-fi fantasy inspired by The Seven Samurai.” Stars Robert Vaughn (who was in The Magnificent Seven also inspired by The Seven Samurai), George Peppard, Richard Thomas, John Saxon, Sybil Danning, and Sam Jaffe. Good grief, what a cast!
  • Saturday the 14th (1981) Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss buy a haunted house in this cheesy spoof.
  • Slumber Party Massacre (1982) I think the title says it all.
  • Orca: The Killer Whale (1977) Seriously? They made a movie about an orca of the dolphin family? I knew that, it just still amazes me. Has Richard Harris(!), Bo Derek(!), and Keenan Wynn.
  • Humanoids from the Deep (1980) Roger Corman produced. This one is actually directed by a woman.
  • Women in Cages (1971) Roger Corman. A WIP movie. Pam Grier is in it.
  • The Big Bird Cage (1972) Roger Corman. A WIP movie. Pam Grier is in it.
  • Caged Heat (1974) Roger Corman. A WIP movie. Pam Grier is not in it. Directed by Johnathan Demme.
  • Crazy Mama (1975) Has Cloris Leachman, Ann Southern and Jim Backus. Directed by Johnathan Demme. Ratings tend to be one star or five, not much in the middle. You’ll love it or you’ll hate it.


2 thoughts on “New Netflix Instant Streaming February 15, 2012

  1. Battle Beyond the Stars was uneven, but very creative in certain ways. The kind of movie, like Krull, that I also would’ve loved growing up, rather than just seeing for the first time when I’m 34. :p


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