New Netflix Instant Streaming for February 1, 2012

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Quite an eclectic mix this week!

  • Sheba, Baby (1975) Has Pam Grier, but the reviews are really mixed. Grier has several that are on Instant.
  • More American Graffiti (1979) As a rule, this one gets slammed, but it has its fans.
  • Beyond the Sea (2004) A biopic of Bobby Darin starring Kevin Spacey. What a great last name. Spacey. Could work that into a blog name real easy.
  • Shane (1953) The classic with Alan Ladd. I personally don’t care for the movie that much. Perhaps I’m not deep enough to really get it. A friend of mine LOVES Shane and thinks I’m a moron for not seeing the deeper story or something. I probably am. It is an OK movie and everyone should see it once. Instant only? Can that be correct?
  • Best of the Badmen (1951) Just look at this cast! Robert Ryan, Claire Trevor, Robert Preston, Walter Brennan, Bruce Cabot, and Lawrence Tierney! WOW! They have the James and Younger gang and some revenge thrown in. This one is definitely going in my queue. Instant only.
  • Oxford Blues (1984) One of the lesser known “Brat Pack” 80s movies, but one that I really enjoyed a lot. Rob Lowe goes to Oxford as the Ugly American, all for love. Alley Sheedy is in it too! Instant only.
  • The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976) Jodie Foster and Martin Sheen. She lives alone as a 13-year-old and is hiding something in the cellar.
  • Nightmares (1980) I know nothing about this. Instant only.
  • Bloody Birthday (1981) Kids are killers.

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