Harvest Rock Syndicate 1991

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Harvest Rock Syndicate, Volume 6 Issue 1, Jan/Feb 1991. Complete table of contents here. Two of my favorite bands on the cover, The Call and The Choir. The Choir is working on a new album after just releasing a great one called Burning like the Midnight Sun in 2010.

Harvest Rock Syndicate was a magazine for Christian Alternative music, but it was a bit broader than that also. Sacred Warrior listed across the top was heavy metal. If you think it was hard to get info on great Alternative music during the ’80s and early ’90s, just try to get info on Christian Alternative! There was another magazine that was even harder to get in my area called 7ball and there may have been others, but it wasn’t easy. It was fun and frustrating.

Continuing along to top, I’m not familiar with Recess, but the Newsboys are still going I think. It seems to me they were Australian. Chagall Guevera had a song on the Pump Up the Volume soundtrack, the movie starring Christian Slater. Funny thing about the movie when I watched it with my Dad, I didn’t care for it, but my Dad loved it!

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7 thoughts on “Harvest Rock Syndicate 1991

  1. Oh man…

    I LOVED Harvest Rock Syndicate! I know gathering information on your favorite bands is easier and faster these days, but I long for the bygone era of paper magazines and such (in regards to Christian music, anyway). Wow… thanks for bringing back some great memories!


    1. Thull, I sent you an email, check for it. Sometimes they go to the junk folder.

      Adam, it’s pretty fun to go through this old stuff.

      Bunchie, my Dad is probably hipper than me, I’m such a curmudgeon for my young age.


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