New Netflix Instant Streaming for January, Friday the 13th, 2012

247086_Extended through January! Join Netflix and Get a $10 Papa John's Gift Card!

  • Rawhide (1959-61) Clint Eastwood’s big break. My kids will be excited about this as this is their favorite of the old Westerns.
  • Joe (1970) Susan Sarandon, Dennis Patrick, and Peter Boyle in a movie I’ve never heard of. Here’s the Netflix summary: “Starchy advertising executive Bill Compton forms an unlikely alliance with bigoted blue-collar worker Joe Curran to find Bill’s daughter when she escapes from a mental facility after learning that her father murdered her drug-peddling lover.”
  • Eames: The Architect and The Painter (2011) If you love mid-century design, you have the Eames to thank. Vitally important designers in Modernist style.
  • Daag (1973) Another Bollywood-type movie.
  • The African Queen (1951) A deserved classic. Bogart and Hepburn go down a river in Africa to blow up a German ship.
  • The Dam Busters (1955) British film on WWII bombs designed to blow up dams and flood Germany.
  • April Fool’s Day (1986) One of the few 1980s horror movies I liked.
  • Blue Hawaii (1961) Elvis! What more do you need?
  • Posse (1993) Blacksplotation continued. It’s got Woody Strode who’s a personal favorite.
  • Courage Mountain: Heidi’s New Adventure (1990) How about Charlie Sheen in a family movie? Heidi is now a teenager. I saw it a long time ago and liked it.
  • Hey, Boo: Harper Lee & To Kill a Mockingbird (2010) For all you literate types out there, a documentary on… I’ll make you guess.


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