Christmas Photos Me and My Toys 1972-1976

Here’s a few family photos of the ol’ Retro Hound as a kid with the cool stuff I got. I’ve got several of 1973 that I’ll post tomorrow. Let me emphasize, these are NOT found photos. This is me and my family. Click on a pic to get full size or see the whole thing.

First in 1972 I’m 6 years old and I got a G.I. Joe ATV (all terrain vehicle)! Also some bi-planes and a split-tail boat (the blue and white thing on the floor), a fishnet stocking(!) full of candy, and what is that in my left hand? A sarcophagus? UPDATE: Yes, it’s the G.I. Joe sarcophagus! I know the picture says May 1973, but it took that long for my folks to get the photos developed. See the stocking in my right hand? Wow, I remember that sofa of my grandparents and the smell it had, isn’t that odd?

This is at my other grandparent’s house. I’m holding an Air Blaster in my hands, and that Matchbox Autopark got A LOT of use. On top of that box is a snubnose .38 and what is that other box? Then some bowling stuff which I think my Mom gave me for my kids and some Viewmaster slides of The Aristocats and what looks to be some fairy tales. Also on the floor is my panda bear poster. My sister has some kind of Barbie house. And my Grandmother is in purple and she still has that chair.

In 1974 I got a G.I. Joe, a couple G.I. Joe outfits, and the Abominable Snowman set! That would be worth some money if I still had it in good condition. My Mom sold all my G.I. Joe stuff in a garage sale when I was out of town once. She bought into all that crap about guns and stuff not being good for kids and was always conflicted about letting me have anything “violent.” Plus I was about 13 and she figured I was too old for toys. Bummer is she didn’t’ even give me the money. There’s also a Lego tow truck and car from back when middle class people could afford Legos. I think that box on top of the Snowman set is soap in the shape of an alligator. Maybe that’s what’s in the previous photo, some kind of soap. A Snoopy Avon bottle, Ker-Plunk, a wide belt and the thing in my left hand is a 3-D painting project. There’s a background, and made out of plywood, a car body and wheels. Oh, and gum.

In 1975, I have a ruler-comb (kinda odd), Going, Going, Gone the flea market auction game, a custom van model, my Funky Favorites album that I still have, a hot wheels car, a Rook game that I don’t think I played even once, some Nurf-like rockets, a Hardy Boys book, some clothes, and a ship-in-a-bottle.

My other grandparents again. A Super Toe football kicker, some Dallas Cowboy PJs, gloves, some paint-by-numbers that I think I let my sister do (it was a doe-eyed cocker spaniel or some sissy thing), a How and Why Wonder Book – Weather that I still have, best of all, an Empire Chuck Wagon Jeep! I loved this thing.

Finally we have these Disney shirts and aprons that my Mom made using DIY pillows.

Tomorrow! Several pics from Christmas 1973, when my Mom wore white Go-go boots.


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