Pepsi Bottle Radio from Radio Shack!

Soda Pop
019 (Large) 020 (Large) 021 (Large) 022 (Large) 023 (Large) PepsiRadio (1) PepsiRadio (2)

Here’s a Radio Shack Pepsi bottle AM radio that my grandmother bought me when I was collecting pop bottles in the late 1970s, early 1980s. Notice it has two different labels on the different sides. The top clear part is twisted for on/off and volume, and the bottom is twisted for tuning to a station. Believe it or not, I used to get WLS out of Chicago way down in Southeast Kansas with this thing. Only at night. If the weather was clear between Kansas and Lake Michigan. And I was in the attic. OK, that last part isn’t true. WLS is a talk radio station now, but it used to be music. It still works but you have play with the volume a bit. There’s some sort of short there somewhere.

7 thoughts on “Pepsi Bottle Radio from Radio Shack!

  1. l wish I’d seen this a few decades ago when I was constantly searching for Pepsi ephemera and junk for my nephew. He had, actually still has, a large collection of Pepsi stuff that his mother and I tracked down. Now it sits boxed up in his mother’s house. He has no interest in it.


  2. I have my Dad’s old pepsi radio, but someone left it on and the batteries ran out. I have been carefully trying to open it to replace them but need some help.


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