All Pro Basketball Stars 1979 – Bruce Weber

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All-Pro Basketball Stars 1979, by Bruce Weber. A Scholastic book with no table of contents. Kinda cool for fans of that era basketball.

I’ve opened a booth at an antique mall/flea market here in town called Paradise Mall (no Web site, can you believe it?). This book is there for $2.00. I told my wife I figured I had about 5 boxes of stuff to get rid of, not counting albums and various things laying around. I had 8 boxes.

A bonus if I have a booth is that I can buy cool stuff just to sell it. I always hate passing up a good deal so now I have a way to not pass the deal and still not have to store it. I’d tried eBay, and that works for some things, but the time involved in writing it up, shipping it, things not selling, etc was a pain. This blog has helped me sell a good number of items, probably more than than eBay.

I hope this goes well, cause I really like doing this kinda stuff. My Dad is an antique dealer, so I grew up with the buying/selling thing going on. Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “All Pro Basketball Stars 1979 – Bruce Weber

  1. When I was a kid, my uncle took my cousin and me to Roanoke to see Dr. J when he played for the Virginia Squires. The ABA was so cool, I’ve always missed it.
    Good luck on your new venture!


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