Marx Toys “Nutty Mads” Waldo the Weight Lifter

RetroHoundOct 007 (Large)
RetroHoundOct 008 (Large)
RetroHoundOct 010 (Large)
RetroHoundOct 012 (Large)
RetroHoundOct 011 (Large)
RetroHoundOct 006 (Large)

Marx Toys had a series of these Nutty Mads. This one won’t stand by himself, he falls on his face. Probably why there’s that gunk on the bottom, we tried to glue him down or something. We also had a similar figure on a motorcycle, but I haven’t found a picture that looks like I remember him. It could be, I’m not remembering correctly. My siblings remember the figure, but no one knows where he’s gone. Waldo the Weight Lifter is dated 1963, so my Dad probably bought it while he was in high school.


3 thoughts on “Marx Toys “Nutty Mads” Waldo the Weight Lifter

  1. A friend of mine found a Nutty Mads “Donald the Demon” which was painted, the underlying color looks to be pink but parts are painted. He told me the painted ones are very rare, I say they are regular Nutty Mads which someone has painted over. Who is Correct?


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