New Netflix Instant for Nov 1st 2011

An oddball collection this week. Several “normal” movies from the 1990s and newer came up (such as A Knights Tale), but I’m not posting about those, just the retro junk for me (and you!).

  • Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) Never seen this Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice collaboration, but I’ve heard the soundtrack and it’s got some groovin’ tracks. Directed by Norman Jewison.
  • Crackers (1984) Instant only. Never seen it. This comedy has has Donald Sutherland, Jack Warden, Sean Penn, and Wallace Shawn (Inconceivable!). It’s described as dark and witty. Directed by Louis Malle (Pretty Baby, Atlantic City, My Dinner with Andre, and Au Revoir Les Enfants).
  • Frontier Gal (1945) Instant only. Yvonne De Carlo and Andy Devine, what more do you need?
  • Hell Bent for Leather (1960) Instant only. Audie Murphy B-Western.
  • Barquero (1970) Instant only. Lee Van Cleef, Warren Oates, and Forrest Tucker, what more do you need? Did I mention the mighty Warren Oates?
  • Detroit 9000 aka Detroit Heat (1973) Netflix says “An interracial pair of cops investigating a jewel heist uncovers more than they bargained for as they navigate an urban underworld of call girls and corrupt politicians in this blaxploitation classic with a complexity that transcends the genre.” Scatman Crothers, Hari Rhodes, Alex Rocco, and Ella Edwards.
  • Rough Night in Jericho (1967) Instant only. Just check out this cast: Dean Martin, Jean Simmons, George Peppard, John McIntire, and Slim Pickens! Dean Martin plays a bad guy.
  • The Trouble with Angels (1966) A true classic. Haley Mills is a kid who gets into trouble at a Catholic girls school. The mighty Rosalind Russell is a nun. Also stars Gypsy Rose Lee! Directed by Ida Lupino!
  • North Shore (1987) Classic of the 1980s and surfing. Probably only because of Nia Peeples and HBO running it endlessly.
  • Gambit (1966) Instant only. Heist film starring Shirley MacLaine, Michael Caine, and Herbert Lom (Inspector Dreyfus from The Pink Panther movies).
  • The Car (1977) A driverless car runs people down and James Brolin must stop it.

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2 thoughts on “New Netflix Instant for Nov 1st 2011

  1. The JCSS is not bad at all, and yes it has some very good songs

    I’d never heard of that Malle either, but the cast alone should make it a worthwhile view

    Glad to see you’re another Warren Oates fan. I love his TV work from the 60’s too.


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