Civil War Photos from Soldiers at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri

Ephemera, Prints and Lithography
These are some Civil War photos that were handed down through my family. I don’t know how these people knew my ancestors, but from what I can find, they all were stationed at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri which was a hospital. I haven’t found any connection yet, but there must be one, right? So I’ll post a photo and then what I know about it.

Alpheus A. Morse. Private, G. Company, 35th Iowa. I’ve been informed that he was in the 27th Iowa, F Company. Personnel from the 27th IA Infantry Wounded at Yellow Bayou, LA May 18, 1864 Morse, Alpheus A. Co F in left lung / discharged 5/16/1865, Jefferson Barracks, MO for wounds http://homepages.rootsweb.ancest Morse, Alpheus A. Age 21. Residence Delaware County, nativity Vermont. Enlisted Aug. 12, 1862. Mustered Sept. 1, 1862. Wounded severely May, 18, 1864, Yellow Bayou, LA. Discharged for wounds May 16, 1865, Jefferson Barracks, (St. Louis) MO. Report of the Adjutant General and Acting Quartermaster General of the State of Iowa, January 1, 1865 to January 1, 1866: Private Alpheus A. Morse, wounded May 18, 1864, Yellow Bayou, LA., in left lung. Discharged May 16, 1865, Jefferson Barracks, MO., for wounds. G. Cramer, photographer, Carondelet, MO. Stamps were required on photos taken in the US from 1864 to 1866. Yes, a form of tax.

Chester A. Bundle, Private, B Company, 3rd US infantry. G. Cramer, photographer, Carondelet, MO Name: Christian A. Bunnell Side: Union Regiment State/Origin: Union Regular Army Regiment Name: 3 U.S. Cavy. Regiment Name Expanded: 3rd Regiment, US Cavalry (Regular Army) COMPANY: B Rank Out: Private Film Number: M233 roll 29 Name: Chester Bunnell Side Served: Union State Served: Regular Army Service Record: Enlisted as a Private. Enlisted in Company B, 3rd Cavalry Regiment Regular Army. Sources: 304 Pension filed by Anna H. Bunnell, widow. G. Cramer, photographer, Carondelet, MO.

George Leher, THE MEN OF THE 7th INFANTRY AT THE BIG HOLE (Nex Perce Trail 1877) The 7th Infantry, a regiment* composed of 12 companies**, was headquartered at Fort Shaw but scattered between five posts throughout the Montana Territory in the 1870s. Men of Companies A, B, D, E, F, G, I, K, L and I of the 7th Infantry participated in the Battle of the Big Hole, along with 8 men from the 2nd Cavalry. Demographic information about these men follows: Leher, Pvt. George age 27 Unit 7 A Civil War Pensions: Widow Elizabeth, A and B Companies, 7th US. Filed in 1910? Note on bottom: See Indian wars. R. F. Adams, St. Louis, MO, photographer.

Jacob D. Crye, Private, D. Company, 34th Indiana Name: Jacob D. Crye Side: Union Regiment State/Origin: Indiana Regiment Name: 34 Indiana Infantry Regiment Name Expanded: 34th Regiment, Indiana Infantry COMPANY: D Rank In: Private Rank Out: Private Film Number: M540 roll 17. Photographer R. F. Adams, St. Louis, MO. Found R. F. Adams in the 1881 St. Louis Business Directory, 215 N. 4th.

Jas C. Chambers, There is a James C. Chambers Pension record. From Colorado, in Mo Inf, Hospital Corps, USA. G. Cramer, photographer, Carondelet, MO.

There are some others, but this is a good sample.

5 thoughts on “Civil War Photos from Soldiers at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri

  1. Really interesting photos and info. I’ve been trying to research my great great grandfather Logan Anderson, who was a Confederate captain from a Va. regiment, but I haven’t found anything yet. There was an officer by that name taken prisoner by Union soldiers at the battle of Stone Mountain, but I can’t find evidence of any VA regiments involved in that battle. It’s fun to research though.


  2. The picture of Jacob D. Crye is my husband’s great grandfather. He lost a leg in the Civil War and was hospitalized at Jefferson, MO before being discharged. If you type in Jacob’s name in Google, several genealogy web sites come up for the Crye family. Go through Descendants of Henrie Crye to see if your Lindsey name is among all the ancestors listed. Interesting that so many diverse Cival War soldier’s pictures are in your family’s collection. Hope you find your connection. Barb & Milt Monnier 29 April 2012


    1. Thanks for that great info! My assumption is that they all met at the hospital, but I can’t find any of my family there. The side this little photo album came from is probably Wright or Troxell. Does your family have a photo of Jacob Crye?


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