Dynamite Magazine Brady Bunch August 1977

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Dynamite, August 1977, Volume 1, Number 2. The Return of the Brady Bunch! With articles on Godzilla movies, old radio shows, and an NFL football preview!

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Juice Simpson with the Buffalo Bills looks good, and the Baltimore Colts too. And the new AFC West team, the Seattle Seahawks. St. Louis Cardinals didn’t make the playoffs last year. The article mentions that the Denver Broncos will have to do better then 9-5 which was their best to that point. They went to the Superbowl against the Dallas Cowboys and lost. Not too bad considering the record they had. That was the first Superbowl I remember watching.

DynamiteBradyBunch (7)

2 thoughts on “Dynamite Magazine Brady Bunch August 1977

  1. i always loved these artistic graphics in the old newspapers. the are some kind of art i think. and that time, there wasn’t any photoshop or computer generated graphics, they drew the pics on their own. i respect that so much. that’s why a love these old magazines.


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