Hound Family Photos from the 1970s

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Here’s the beginning of some family photos of mine from the 1970s. I’ve got a shoebox full that my Mom just gave me to scan. Please note, these are not FOUND Photos, these are photos of my family; people I know and love. I’ll have more this week and again around Halloween and Christmas.

First up, here’s my Uncle Bill and his daughter with my Mom and us kids in June 1972. Mom had quite the look going on. My Uncle Bill looked a lot like Burt Reynolds. In fact, once at a business dinner, someone told the waiter that he was Burt’s brother. Apparently you could see the rumor spread across the restaurant as people whispered from one table to the next.

One of the joys of these are looking at the backgrounds. The first pic is at my Grandparents. They still have that table in the same spot and one chair still in the living room. The other chair is in the garage, Grandad couldn’t bear to part with it after sitting in it for 40 years. The seat is completely caved in. In the 2nd one you see some kind of groovy stand with a metal ship on it and the chrome chair that my sister still has. It has been reupholstered though. And I still have that Animal Stamps book. And I’m wearing my Big Mac t-shirt! I loved that thing! My birthdays, 1974, 1975 and 1977 (the one with the striped socks).

Next are just some pics of various places we lived and stuff we had. My room in 1972. I wondered why someone decided I needed a panda bear poster, but I had it for a long time. Next two are this cool table we had that my Dad built from giant spools and auto wheels. After we got a real table, that was outside for many years, painted red.

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