Polka Pie! Try some!

Polka Pie

Lou Logist (his chorus AND orchestra!), Polka Pie, Palette MPZ-1007. 1959. What a disgusting cover! Actually the dolls are kinda cute, but the mushroom bread stuff they are standing on is blech.

And what is a “Logist”? Someone who studies words? (Logos being Greek for “word”) Or someone who couldn’t decide what to study? Phrenologist, philologist, etymologist, retrologist, triviologist, etc.

This Lou Logist is a trombonist from Europe. That’s probably where he got his funny name. You know how those Europeans are. No offense intended, I know this is the WORLD wide web. Invented, of course, by American Al Gore. That British guy Tim Berners-Lee working with that Swiss located CERN had very little to do with it.


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